Monday 25 January 2016

How To Successfully Promote Your Blog

How To Successfully Promote Your Blog Tips tricks advice social media Twitter bloggers
Successful bloggers aren't magicians! Although there is an element of right place right time as regards to the success of most bloggers, it goes hand in hand with lots of other elements! One of the most important of these this the promotion of your blog! It doesn't take a magician to work out the more successful you are at utilising social media platforms to build an audience the more your blog is going to grow! Of course, blog promotion goes hand in hand with various other factors! And as I can't resist a bit of baking analogy " Promotion of your blog is an ingredient to a recipe but you need all the ingredients to make the final cake" Now that I have stopped being Mary Berry, I thought I would share with you a selection of quick and easy tips to help you become more successful at promoting your blog and hopefully growing your traffic too! 

#1 USE BLOGLOVIN ( and go through the pain)

Okay, no offence here to anyone that actually likes the bloglovin website but I think it's ugly and also find it hard to use in one sense! The app isn't much better, but slightly more bearable! However, if you grin and bear it, it actually is a great place to promote your blog! You simply set up an account and link it to your blog(s) and promote that link around! By promoting that link around on other social media, people are more likely to find it and click on the link! However, what makes bloglovin different is that others can follow your blog! They can then log on to their account and whenever you upload a post, it appears in their feeds and boom you got yourself some more traffic! It's really simple to set up and although bloglovin need to take some lessons from bloggers in relation to designing an aesthetically pleasing website if you stay with it can help build a consistent base of regular readers! 


Twitter is my absolute favourite app ever! I am totally addicted to it and find myself constantly scrolling through my feeds multiple times a day! There are so many reasons why I love twitter but because I don't want to bore you to death, I think I will leave that for another day! One of the main reasons though is the interaction with the community! I talk and interact with so many of my favourite bloggers and friends on there. I get direct access to new posts straight to my feed ( it's like a more efficient royal mail), I get to host and be involved in twitter chats as well as all this it provides the perfect opportunity for me to share all my latest posts! Simply sharing a link to my most recent post with a couple of hashtags attached and accounts that will retweet it so it reaches a bigger audience will see you getting more traffic to your blog in no time! Twitter is definitely my biggest platform in gaining traffic to my blog and I highly recommend you jump on board ( seriously, though, you won't regret it!)

Successfully Promote Your Blog Twitter bloggers advice tips tricks bloggers


Now I have used both of these apps and it is safe to say I do have a favourite! I'm internally sorry to all you die hard HootSuite lovers but buffer is the way forward for me! Now if you are completely new to the blogging world, you may have no idea what I am on about, that's okay! I will fill you in! They are basically both apps that you use to share your tweets, Facebook and twitter links but in the future!! I know right! Pretty cool! You can create a schedule and buffer your tweets or posts so there is always something going up, meaning that you don't forget, which would be tragic! By having a regular flow of tweets or posts, it means that more people are likely to see your link and click on it and there you have more traffic! But be careful not to go overboard! No one likes a spammer! Buffer lets you sechelude 10 tweets at a time in advance for free but I am not sure about HootSuite though!

Bloglovin How To Successfully Promote Your Blog Instagram social media tips and tricks


Okay, not going to lie a bit of a confession here I used to be addicted to Instagram! Back in like 2013, I was obsessed with having a themed account and that got me impressive 3k followers however after a while that craze died out and I ended up having literally 2500 ghost followers, so I started a new account! I never really got back into it, if I am honest! I just don't see the point really! Haha, I have twitter what more do I need! Instagram is extremely good at driving traffic to your blog, though, I need to take my own advice here I think! 

How To Successfully Promote Your Blog Instagram bloglovin tips quick gain followers fast


I personally don't use Facebook for my blog because I am a bit nervous of people finding it and it being very awkward! However, I also know people that shout about their blog all over their personal Facebook page and then there's the others that create a page purely dedicated to their blog, where their followers can keep up to date with the latest posts and blog links, which ultimately boosts traffic! Facebook is still very much a Marmite situation, you either love it or you hate it! I know bloggers who jump all over Facebook and that works fine for them and others, like myself, stay as far away as possible! It's very much up to you!


Tumblr, vine, Snapchat, Pinterest etc. Although I don't use many of these, Pinterest is definitely something I want to get back into! I know it often has a ton of inspiration for bloggers and post ideas, so I definitely am looking to use this platform in the near future! As regards to the rest, I don't know much about them but I do know that some bloggers love to use them! So if you are interested in promoting your blog even further then I would definitely recommend you think about checking them out! 

And that's it! I hope you enjoyed this quick round-up of six easy but effective ways you can promote your blog and hopefully increase your traffic while doing so!

Do you use these to promote your blog?! What else do you use!? Let me know in the comments below x 

Thank you for reading, as always x 
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