Tuesday 5 January 2016

4 Ways To Have A More Organised 2016

How To Have A More Organised 2016 organised tips advice UK lifestyle blogger
I did a post a while ago entitled ' How To be a more Organised blogger' which is still my most popular post to date, which you can check out HERE! However, it's not just in the blogging world that people need to be organised! I am very passionate ( I don't think that's the right word, but we're going to go with it) passionate about organising myself not only with my blog but my life as well. I am an avid list writer, diary user and management freak, so I think I have a fair few tips up my sleeve to help you stay on top of everything non-blog related.


It genuinely is, though! Being able to organise your time is crucial, no one is capable of working seven days a week, 24 hours a day, non-stop. However, you will often find yourself feeling like you do that if you leave everything to last minute. Being able to work out a schedule for yourself is imperative. Be aware of deadlines, by writing them down somewhere you check regularly and planning how many hours a day are you going to dedicate to that deadline, which is necessary for you to meet it! Always give yourself some leeway to make sure it's the best quality you can give and never rush things! It's okay if it goes over something else you had planned!

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That's a bit of a mouthful isn't it! What I mean by that is utilise what you use on a frequent basis.  If you are an avid  iPhone user then download apps or use the calendar they provide to get your life sorted! On the contrary, if you are more of a pen to paper kind of person, no worries! Stationary shops Like Tiger and Paperchase have an extensive range of diaries, notebooks and desk organisers to keep everything in order!

How To Have A More Organised 2016  fresh new start tips


When you wake up and you realise you have a million things to do and the list just seems to be getting longer, write them all down! Just seeing everything you need to do on paper can make it easier for your brain to process and helps you remember what you actually need to do! I always keep a stack of post-it notes and pen near my bed, so I can start the day as organised as I plan to end it!


I'm the biggest lover of routine but seriously if you find managing your time really stressful then getting yourself into some kind of routine may be beneficial for you! Using a timetable or just mentally knowing what you need to do each time of the day will help you stay on track! This goes hand in hand with knowing what time of the day you work best. I do a lot more work done in the morning and evening than I do in the afternoon. It is very important to keep this in mind, so you can be proactive about when you work and get the most done!

I hope you guys will find these Tips useful! Do let me know if you want anymore organisation posts!! Here's to a well organised 2016

Do you use any of these Tips?! If not, want do you use to keep yourself organised?!
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