Wednesday 27 January 2016

#SpeakUp | Fears And Failure

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Today's post is going to be the second instalment in my #SpeakUp series. Which if you have no idea what I am on about, you find out more HERE Today's post is going to be the second instalment in my #SpeakUp series. Which if you have no idea what I am on about, you find out more HERE and catch up with the last post HERE! The one really prominent issue, that I think affects young people, old people basically all people right from school age to college, university and further is fearing failure. It doesn't just have to be related to school or work but just life in general and in many more ways than most of us including me even realise. I, therefore, really wanted it to be a part of  my #SpeakUp series. I look forward to hearing all those stories and opinions on the matter who join in with the Twitter chat on Thursday. Enjoy!

It can't just be me that stops and thinks about all the things you could be doing right now if you had no fears? If a fear of failure wasn't a thing? Maybe I could start bungee jumping, abseiling or any other extreme sport for that matter. Or maybe, I could just simply start that conversation, because I wouldn't be worried about messing up. Fear manifests itself in so many ways. It is one thing I never understand. How some people can be so affected by a particular fear, it is debilitating or even life-shortening. And then there are those people who don't seem to fear anything. They don't have a care in the world. How come they can jump off cliffs straight into the sea but I find it hard to generate a conversation with someone I am probably never going to meet again. 

We all have different fears! Some very minor, unrealistic or even not needed at all. These fears based around the idea that something drastically bad is going to happen. My fear of big hairy spiders, for example, I don't know why I scream the roof down every time I see one, what on earth do I think is going to happen? I haven't stopped to think about this before and I don't think most other people do. As I said, we all have fears. If I was to sit here and list off all the things I fear, well I would be here a very long time, so it's best that I don't! Although, some fears are often seen very humorous or funny, this is obviously not all laughs and jokes for the people who suffer from these fears, which I think is an often very forgotten factor! 

And what about the causes of fear? Past experiences, genetics or just simply the fear of the unknown. My fear of spiders is quite clearly genetic but my fear of crowded social situations, close contact with other people and alcohol or just stem from the unknown. I have never done any of these things, I don't even know what they are like but somehow I have pictured this big image in my head that labels it this one huge scary thing! Like how would I know! I wouldn't but this thing called fear likes to stop me. Has anyone else stopped doing something because they fear failure? I have talked about fear in quite broad terms so far but one fear that I think mainly people have, myself included, is a fear of failure. I didn't do A-level's because I didn't want to just get C's or B's from getting A*'s at GCSE because that would mean that I had failed! I work extremely hard in everything I do college, blog etc. because I fear that I will fail!  I actually think a lot of my fears relate around the idea of fearing failure. I fear to start conversations or to work in large groups of people because I think that I will fail in said situation. Which is never helpful for anyone's health and well-being.

If you have followed my blog for a while, You will know one of my favourite things that I try to do is ( put the emphasis on try) to give advice. Blog, photography, lifestyle, beauty, you name it I will try and pass my words of wisdom on to you guys but one thing you will never catch me giving advice on is how to deal with fears and worrying because I am just the worst! Sometimes I feel like my life is never ending cycle of worry and fear. Fear of failure, fear of other things, fear of everything! I have literally never seen anyone else talk about this as an issue that affects young people or even anyone for that matter! It can't just be me- the only person in existence to have all these fears and worry. I hope you managed to get something out of this post and it wasn't just simply one big ramble!

Please let me know your fears in the comments below! Do you fear failure? Has it ever stopped you doing anything? How do you cope with it? These are some of the topics we will be discussing in the chat on Thursday, using the hashtag #SpeakUp on Twitter between 8pm-9pm! I hope you can all make it, if not do feel free to leave your response in the comments below!

Thanks for reading, as always x  
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