Friday 15 January 2016

What You Should Do If You Are In A Bad Mood

What You Should Do If You Are In A Bad Mood help advice tips blogger

Being in a bad mood sucks! Especially if you can't control what's putting you in a foul mood or even worse if you don't know! No one likes being annoyed, angry or upset and likewise, no one enjoys being around someone who is in a bad mood! You won't benefit from being in a bad mood so if the time that you are in a bad mood is kept to a minimum this is going to be beneficial for you and all those around you! Of course, bad moods and negative emotions can't just be controlled by a drop of a hat and I am by no means suggesting that they can however by using some of the following tips it could help you on your way to getting out of that bad mood as soon as possible and feel as right as rain again before you can even hit the play button on " I'm walking on sunshine" everybody join in!!!


I may have made a slight reference in the introduction to a really dodgy song but what the heck it is a happy song and although it's pretty cliché listening to jolly, happy, upbeat music is definitely going to help you get in a better mood. If happy pop music is not your thing then just listening to music that you love, my personal favourites are the Beatles and Coldplay's recent album ' head full of dreams' Oh oh!! Do you know what else is really good for when you are in a bad mood?! Going on Spotify and browsing the playlists or radio for new tunes! I live discovering a new banging tunnne!!


I will never leave twitter alone because scrolling through twitter, talking with other bloggers and having a few LOLS is one of my favourite things to do! However, Facebook in comparison is just full of negativity and depressive posts. Facebook is very addictive but has no benefits upon our health or well-being. I don't use Facebook very regularly because I know if I am in a bad mood it is never going to help however I am always sure there is some nice person on twitter to make me feel better!


Sometimes when you are in a bad mood you end up just taking it out on everyone or everything around you! ( trust me, you are not the only one - I do this too) I love photography and obviously taking pictures for my blog but if I am in a bad mood and can't get the photos I want this is not going to help and evidently will only make me feel worse! On the contrary, nothing beats getting the perfect shots and being really proud of them which elevates that bad mood! Knitting, blogging, cooking, whale watching - whatever floats your boat, if you can do it, DO IT!!

What You Should Do If You Are In A Bad Mood sad unhappy help advice


With pen and paper ( or on your phone if you prefer) Seeing all your worries, concerns and frustrations on paper can organise your thoughts and help you see them from a more realistic point of view! The chances are, what you are in a bad mood about is probably not that bad and probably not worth being in such a foul mood about! I think we all have a tendency to think the world is going to end when one thing goes wrong which only lowers our mood! Trust me, it is not going to be as bad as you think it will!


Just chill and ....... Relax! Trying to repress a bad mood is not going to work, nope never! Trust me, I tried! It's best just to get it all out there in the open. Whether that be ranting and venting to a friend or having a warm soak in the bath with your favourite lush product. If I am angry about something and try and write an essay at the same time, I just keep getting distracted and frustrated resulting in my work being poor! It's okay to take a step back once in a while!


You've probably heard the expression " save your money for a rainy day" I kind of think this applies to a bad mood too! I love to watch Youtube videos, when I come across one that made me laugh, I add it to a 'Happy playlist' and boom, got myself something to watch and refer back to when a bad mood strikes and I feel much better in no time! Keep it topped up and there will always be something new for you to watch no matter how often a bad mood strikes!


This seems pretty cringe and a bit pathetic but seriously there is nothing I love more than looking back on old photos or looking at my old rewards and certificates I received during my childhood. Reminiscing is a great way to get yourself out of that bad mood do you know why?! Because you are forgetting what is causing you to be in a bad mood! You are distracting yourself by focusing on positive happy events that happened in the past or failing that cringing at that awkward alternative/ emo phase everyone goes through!

Hopefully armed with all these tips, bad moods will be a thing of the past! I am no scientist so I don't know if these things are actually going to work for everyone but they help me, so hopefully they can help you too!

Do you do any of these things when you are in a bad mood?! If not, what do you do, I would love to know in the comments below!

Thank you for reading, as always x
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