Friday 29 January 2016

25 Thoughts All Girls Have Everyday

25 Thoughts All Girls Have Everyday  Blogger lifestyle UK lists funny relatable problems

It's tough being a girl...? right! Yes, of course, it is! Here are 25 thoughts all girls have every day! ( well... most days) maybe it's just me! Then maybe, in that case, I need help! Enjoy!

#1 Is this bra suppose to be this uncomfortable? I am sure woman in the caveman times didn't have this trouble!

#2 *Drinks a glass of Water* Erugh so why isn't my skin better all ready?

#3 * Stares that legs that haven't been shaved in a week* Meh! It can wait another day!

#4 One more chocolate won't do anyone any harm... Will it!? 

#5 * Someone suggests it smells in the room* oh god is that me! How do I discreetly see if that's me!? 

#6 Is it possible to see leg hair through tights? 

#7 * Haven't washed hair in five days* Meh! Surely it's not too bad! * Googles acceptable amount of you can go without washing your hair*

#8 How long does a typical bottle of dry shampoo last? 

#9 Can people smell that? That better not be me! * scrambles around bag to find body spray*

#10 Why am I not as pretty as her? 

#11 * Sits on public bathroom toilet* sit and ..... Wait till someone turns the hand dryer on

#12 Do you think anyone can hear I am getting a sanitary towel of out my bag? 

#13 * Only has £20 left in bank account* what the heck I need that that fluffy Pom Pom for my bag!

#14 why hasn't anyone followed me on Twitter on Instagram in the last 24 hours? Is my account messed up?

#15 Why are you staring at me? 

#16 I bet I have lipstick on my teeth right now! 

#17 Do I or don't I apply my makeup at the public bathroom mirror? Will I be judged for not having all the best makeup 

#18 I bet there is no actual proof that face wipes are bad for your skin! One more time won't hurt anyone

#19 I will not buy anymore Lush products! I will not buy any more lush products!!! Ohhhhhhhh..

#20 * Googles has anyone died from not leaving the sofa for three days* 

#21 Wow my makeup looks crap today! 

#22 oh and my hair! What joy * maybe I should have washed it last night, where's that can of dry shampoo? 

#23 Why is this bag so heavy? Oh yeah I have like 898907 lip products in here


#25 ahhh I am going to be forever alone!!!!!!! 

So yeah, who would really want to be a girl? With all these thoughts toggling around in your mind every day! Who am I kidding! Being a woman in the twenty-first century is great! But maybe that list is for another day

Do you agree with any of these? What have I missed off the list? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you for reading, as always x 

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