Friday 1 January 2016

Blogging Goals | 2016

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Happy New Year Everyone!

I hope you all had a fab Christmas, and now don't look like Santa because of all that food you ate! ( If you are here looking for diet advice, you are in the wrong place sunshine) anyway, to start the year of with a BANG ( goodness me, I am great at puns) I thought I would do a ' Blogging Goals' post because it will completely contradict what I did last year which was a ' Disappointing products' post, you know I want to be more festive this year! Never done one of these before, so I am actually really looking forward to doing this! Here's to a positive and successful 2016! ( and me still thinking it's 2015 for the first three months)

#1 BECOME A DAILY BLOGGER ( well kind of)

You know what they say, go hard or go home! Yeah, I am probably going to go hard and then go home! This might be an epic fail, but the thing is I know I have the time to be a daily blogger because I won't have any exams and I am really on top of my college course at the moment! Obviously, my college course comes first but I would love to give it a go, I have got so many content ideas and I want to see my blog grow this year! With hopefully the help of my new iPod touch, I  will be on buffer, quicker than anything! If  I upload every other day that is always fine for me- I just want to post more! ( PS; Think I am deciding to post every other day, for now, to get me in the swing of things)


Unfortunately. blogmas falls at an awkward time of the year for me! Trust me, I asked if they could change it, they said no! So the only month of the year I am free is August, to celebrate I want to do a collab with one of my favourite bloggers each day of the month about a passion or love we share in common! aw, how cute!


In a couple of weeks, I hope to launch a new project/ campaign on my blog ( 17th Jan is the new launch date)! It involves you guys and me working together to spread a positive message through the power of the blogging community! I won't reveal what it's about yet, so you know it builds up some suspense! I am not sure if you guys will like it, but I am really excited but also bricking it, at the same time for the launch!  


As you have probably seen the image to go alongside this post is quite arty and creative. I definitely want to create more infographics, flat lays and images that are unique and different this year. I think, I have a creative outlet so I should start showing off some of my arty side to build up a bigger portfolio and make it more individual. I am also wanting to improve my photography this year but I thought that was too cliche to have its own goal!  


Blogging isn't about numbers, I know, but I would love to reach 750 bloglovin followers as I am nearly at 500 and then maybe I could reach 1000 the year after this one! I don't know, maybe I am asking too much! I am honestly so grateful for everyone who reads and takes time out of their day to comment and follow. It would be nice to reach some numerical goal as well!


I bet you are all sick to death of seeing posts like these in your feed so I  thought I  would bung it into this post! My blog grew massively this year throughout the summer, which I still can't get over, however, it then stagnated so it's my goal this year to keep going and post more often! I finished school with some impressive grades, I may add! I did more travelling, admittedly I didn't travel the world but it's all about the small steps. I've settled into college pretty well! But most importantly, I think I grew in confidence- not in real life but on my blog. I believe my writing style now portrays this. Blogging makes me so happy and that is primarily why I want to achieve so much with my blog in 2016.  


This year is another big year of milestones, wedding anniverses, birthdays oh and it's my 18th. I look forward to travelling more, finishing the first year of my college course oh and maybe having an idea about where I am going to uni would be good too!

And that's it! I hope you enjoyed this quick run down of some of my blogging goals for 2016 and a bit of a life update! Maybe, I have even inspired a few of you!

Do let know in the comments below what are your blogging goals for 2016! 
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