Thursday 21 January 2016

5 SEO Tips For Complete Beginners

5 SEO Tips For Complete Beginners quick tricks blogger blogs I know I know, SEO seems really scary and pretty daunting! It's a big technical word which can stand for very technical internety things! Trust me, never just Google SEO for websites or something vague like that, your mind will be blown and it will make you want to crawl into a hole and forget all about SEO! Instead, you need something very basic that spells it out for you! ' SEO for dummies' not that I think you dummies, Christ I am not that mean! Today, I am going to be sharing with you five really basic SEO Tips to help you try and boost your traffic and grow your blog! If you are completly new to the world of SEO I hope you find them useful! Enjoy x


Nicole, this is great thanks but I actually need to know what SEO is before I start getting any tips on it!? Agreed! Okay, so if you are completly unaware of what SEO is, it simply stands for Search engine optimisation. Which basically means, making your website or blog more popular on search engines such as Google so when something is searched for, your blog is more likely to appear on the first page and consequently increase your traffic! See its magic! So why do so many people fear it, if it's so easy? The world of SEO can be complicated or very simple depending on what you want! Because I am kind, I am going to be consulting the simple side of it today for you! Hold on tight!


Google is one big catalogue! Like the Argos catalogue in which you circled all the things you wanted for Christmas when you were younger! Google wants to organise your photos! If you give your pictures names ( and that's something relevant by the way, not Fred, Harry George etc.) Google is more likely to find them and move them near the top of the search page when someone searches an image for that topic! By doing this, they are more likely to see your photos, click on your link and voila more views! 


This is very similar to the last point but when you have uploaded your picture on your post, click on properties and change the Name and tags of the image! I simply, copy the name of that post and put it in the first box so when someone hovers over the photo it shows the name of that post. In the second box, I write some short and snappy tags like ' Lifestyle' ' Blogger' 'Makeup' ' Review' 'Rimmel' 'Foundation' By doing this, if someone Google's any of these words my post is more likely to appear near the top and boom more traffic! Google is intelligent! But it's not that intelligent, you need to give it a bit of a push up the bum sometimes! 


Although this is down to personal preference and some may want their titles of their posts to be humorous, unique or eye catching if you want to drive traffic to that post, its best to give it a clear title which clearly portrays what you are going to be sharing! This especially applies to posts which are giving advice or tips! For example, this post is called ' 5 basic SEO Tips for Beginners' therefore people clearly know what the post is going to be about and the kind of audience it is going to be targeted at! E.g. bloggers or website owners just starting out! Naming a post by your favourite Coldplay lyrics, although may look very trendy and you can never get enough of Coldplay, I admit! It's not likely to drive any serious traffic!

5 SEO Tips For Complete Beginners  bloggers blog UK easy quick tricks


Erugh?! I thought this post was going to give me tips on how to make my blog more popular, why are we talking about gardening? Don't worry, I'm not talking about going ' green' and there is definitely no plants involved! What I mean by ever green content, is content that doesn't become outdated! For example, a post about SEO tips is going to be popular for some years to come! I don't think the internet is going anywhere fast! On the contrary, a post about your summer 2013 blog goals isn't going to drive traffic for years to come! This isn't to say all your posts need to be evergreen, again it's totally up to you and your blog! But if you are serious about making your blog a business, nearly all of your posts will need to be high-quality evergreen content that will keep attracting more followers! 


Backlinks, I know another technical word ( I am trying to keep this as simple as I can I promise) backlinks are simply links that link back to your blog ( wow genius) So the more favourite bloggers, recently read posts etc. You are featured in the higher up the rankings on Google you will be! By having your link on various web pages across the internet, it gives Google the big thumbs up that you are actually a reliable source and not a spammy website. However, if you are going to have back links to your blog it is important that they are from trustworthy and relevant sources! Having your link on spammy websites may have the adverse effect upon your Google rankings, so beware! 

And that's it! If you want something more advanced or in-depth, a quick look around Google and I'm sure you will find what you want! 

Do you use SEO? Do you have any more SEO tips? Let me know in the comments below x

Thanks for reading, as always x 
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